April 18, 2011

More pics from Serendipity Dr. and all the donations YOU gave!

Thank you all who gave and helped our neighbors today.  So many people have been blessed by your outpouring of love.  Here are a couple of pics of last night and today after lunch.  

April 17, 2011

Tornado on our street

We live on Serendipity Rd. in north east Raleigh.  Yesterday our street was hit by one of the tornadoes that made it's way up 401.  Our house only has minimal damage, but a good number of our neighbors had houses destroyed.  Please pray for them.  Here are a couple of pics from yesterday.  

March 26, 2011

Best Saturday Ever!

Last Saturday we had a Collins family picnic.  It was warm, sunny, breezy and so much fun.  The cousins had a blast playing together and our sweet Lyla had both remote controlled cars and airplanes to chase.  After the picnic we went home, rested, then went to church with my parents for a missions dinner and auction.  The kids got their faces painted and we had a wonderful bbq dinner.  It was such a wonderful perfect Saturday.   

January 15, 2011

October 21, 2010

Dude Ranch

Last Christmas my parent surprised all of us with the best present EVER!  We got information about a real Dude Ranch in NC that we would be going to in August of 2010.  Well, August has come and gone and I finally have the pictures edited and ready to go.  I"m going to post 2 different entries, one with my pictures on it, and one with the professional photographer's pictures from the ranch.  This post is my pics, with one exception of me on my horse.  Heeeeere we goooooooo!

September 8, 2010

First week of homeschooling

I tried to remember to take pictures.  I really did.  I have some, but not many.  For the first time, I don't have enough pictures.  Guess I was thinking about something else. Ill post more next week.